Public Medical Communication is effective, interactive, and engaging communication between health professionals and the public. It can take many forms from tweets to op-ed articles to blogs to essays in medical journals.

In an era that the internet guru Clay Shirky has described as being defined by a “new communications ecosystem”, Public Medical Communication or PMC is rapidly becoming an essential skill.

While there are many platforms for PMC within and outside medicine, using traditional, new and social media, the core attributes are the same and create a compelling, understandable message.

Here are my 12 Tips for PMC Success
1. Know your goal(s)
2. Know your audience
3. Align your efforts with your resources
4. Use the right method/vehicle for the audience and goal
5. Pick 3 key messages, at most
6. Avoid jargon
7. Tell a story
8. Use statistics wisely and sparingly
9. Don’t just advocate or teach, engage and learn
10. Be professional
11. Have fun
12. Assess your impact

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