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Recent Media

Louise discussing Elderhood on KATU television


Aging as the Next Social Revolution

Oakland Magazine

Reimagining Aging and Elderhood


Is a Person Ever Too Old to be President?

Washington Post

Louise Discussing Elderhood on CBS This Morning

CBC Television

Redefining Your Outlook on Aging

The Sunday Paper

How to Make Your Old Age Your Best Years

Octavian Report

Fighting Ageism – This Chair Rocks + Elderhood

The Writer’s Voice

3 Doctors Walk Into A Room & Talk About Aging


A Doctor Speaks Out About Ageism

Kaiser Health News

Discussing Elderhood with Nonfiction4Life


Geriatrics for the 21st Century: What’s Old is New Again

(With a few twists!)

Is Aging a Disease – Two Writers Discuss

Publisher’s Weekly

Don’t Ruin My Life: Aging and Driving in the Twenty-first Century

A new NIH rule won’t be enough to make clinical research more inclusive


U.S. Hospitals Ignore Improving Elder Care. That’s a Mistake.


Reading Old Age: Life Lessons from Literature

Annual Distinguished Lecture

The Joy of Writing

I teach writing to people who, with rare exceptions, are not and will not become writers.” What they are is people with important stories to tell about health, illness, medicine, and healthcare.

In Their Own Words: Living and Working with a Disability

Some disabilities are more visible than others but most have work arounds, especially with the right support.

Destroyed but Not Defeated – The Old Man and The Sea

Lancet (with Daniel Marchalik)

Storytelling Unveils the Heart of Medicine

Those on stage have taken off their pagers and white coats, signaling their transition from provider to storyteller.

Necessary Violence

New England Review, NER Vol. 38#3

Geriatrician, Writer, and Patient Advocate

Vidya Viswanathan interviews Louise about her path to being a physician-writer, why she chose geriatrics, and what advice she has for students and residents.

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