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Paul Kalanithi Reader: January 2016’s Great Reads, And Why

This month I focus exclusively on writings by and about the writer-neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi, who died last year at age 37. I didn’t know him, and I only met his wife briefly years ago. So this isn’t personal or coyly promotional. It’s just admiration and awe for a life, the small oeuvre of a gifted writer, [...]

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Oliver Sacks, 1933-2015

These days, there are a lot of doctor writers. A handful have become household names. One or two dozen more have significant talent and impact, mostly in non-fiction but also in fiction and poetry. Hundreds – maybe thousands? – more write regularly for blogs and journals. I’m not talking about scientific articles and analyses here. [...]

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On Typos

Three years ago, when the galleys of my book arrived, my mother, spouse, and I gazed down at them, excited by how, well, book-like they looked. A note from my editor informed us that it was our (my) job to find any errant comma or line break or typo. Since the galleys arrived on a [...]

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