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An American Problem

It has been hard this week in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings not to think of children, and of all the ways in which they can be and are hurt. It has also seemed important to think about how we can help, if only by talking to the children we know and checking in [...]

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On Soup, Sex, and Cystic Fibrosis

My last blog post, in which I discussed how sometimes physicians see only one side of their patients’ lives, provides a good lead into this week’s Featured Story of the Week. “Soup or Sex” is a sort of doctor-patient love story, and part of why the doctor falls for her patient Maurice has to do with [...]

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A History of the Present Illness

The world is full of books – over 129 million at last count. And parts of the world – Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, London – are full of doctors. What’s more, the ranks of doctor-writers keep growing. So why, a very reasonable person might ask, do we need another book by another doctor? One answer [...]

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