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We all know what pain is. And we know it comes in many different flavors – physical, psychological, emotional; acute, chronic; sharp, dull, burning, searing, excruciating, etc. – anything and everything that includes suffering or discomfort of any kind. Sure, it can be helpful, like an early warning system or a corrective for when we are [...]

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Every Fifteen Seconds

Two famous American women. Two missed opportunities for improved quality of care and patient safety in America. In December, it was Hillary Clinton  and in January, Barbara Walters.  Both women fell, hit their heads, and ended up in the hospital. In each case, the focus of the media coverage reflected one of the biggest flaws [...]

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Facts and Questions about Aging in America

People over age 85 are the fastest growing segment of the population. People over age 85 have, on average, 15 contacts with health professionals per year. The number of people over age 85 will quadruple by midcentury. Already, there are more elderly Americans than there are people in Canada. Is Canada really so sparsely populated? [...]

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