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10 Reasons Why Robot Caregivers Might Not Be So Bad

My recent New York Times op-ed on robot caregivers for older adults has elicited curiosity, enthusiasm and controversy. I have to admit that my own first reaction to the topic was captured in the NYT letter from Sherry Turkle whom I mention in the piece. I was in a meeting and turned to a colleague, clumsily [...]

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Should doctors be able to write?

At first glance, this might seem like a question with an easy answer. Yes, you might say, doctors receive a doctorate and are trusted with communicating to and about people at critical moments in their lives. Or you could reply, No, they are scientists and so need to be functional communicators able to write basic notes [...]

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Every Fifteen Seconds

Two famous American women. Two missed opportunities for improved quality of care and patient safety in America. In December, it was Hillary Clinton  and in January, Barbara Walters.  Both women fell, hit their heads, and ended up in the hospital. In each case, the focus of the media coverage reflected one of the biggest flaws [...]

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