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Facts and Questions about Aging in America

People over age 85 are the fastest growing segment of the population. People over age 85 have, on average, 15 contacts with health professionals per year. The number of people over age 85 will quadruple by midcentury. Already, there are more elderly Americans than there are people in Canada. Is Canada really so sparsely populated? [...]

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First, Do No Harm: Writing, Blogging, Tweeting, and HIPAA

→ Medical students expelled. → Residents under investigation by state Medical Boards. → Practicing physicians in trouble with their Chairs, colleagues, communities. → Hurt and angry patients and families. Why? Because patient stories, written by medical students or doctors, appeared in public – on Facebook, blogs and elsewhere – in a way that was recognizable [...]

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My Christmas Books and The Importance of Being Alice (Munro)

Under the Christmas tree for me this year:          This last book has made every top 10 list I have seen. Although the octogenarian author Alice Munro has been writing for decades, it’s only in recent years – since she received the Man Booker prize in 2009, that she’s received this sort of entirely deserved recognition. [...]

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