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On Soup, Sex, and Cystic Fibrosis

My last blog post, in which I discussed how sometimes physicians see only one side of their patients’ lives, provides a good lead into this week’s Featured Story of the Week. “Soup or Sex” is a sort of doctor-patient love story, and part of why the doctor falls for her patient Maurice has to do with [...]

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We See and Yet Are Blind

Being a doctor can give a person a very warped perspective on life and illness. We tend to see people when they are sick and see the sickest patients more often than the healthier ones (rightly so!). As a result, our impressions are based on one (during a hospitalization, for example) or a series (in [...]

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A History of the Present Illness

The world is full of books – over 129 million at last count. And parts of the world – Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, London – are full of doctors. What’s more, the ranks of doctor-writers keep growing. So why, a very reasonable person might ask, do we need another book by another doctor? One answer [...]

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