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When Life and Art Collide

Sometimes life imitates art. The final story in my collection, A History of the Present Illness, called “A Medical Story”, opens with a doctor making a home visit to a public housing building. While I changed details to protect the patient and create a meaningful story, this opening scene is true to my experience. Just how [...]

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Writing About Medicine II

There are many ways to write about health, medicine, and health care. And there are many people – patients, caregivers, policymakers, pundits, thought leaders, and health professionals – in a position to do so. Fortunately, the world also offers a similar and growing diversity of places in which to publish this sort of work. At [...]

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Facts and Questions about Aging in America

People over age 85 are the fastest growing segment of the population. People over age 85 have, on average, 15 contacts with health professionals per year. The number of people over age 85 will quadruple by midcentury. Already, there are more elderly Americans than there are people in Canada. Is Canada really so sparsely populated? [...]

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