Archive | December, 2012

An American Problem

It has been hard this week in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings not to think of children, and of all the ways in which they can be and are hurt. It has also seemed important to think about how we can help, if only by talking to the children we know and checking in [...]

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The Importance of Statistics (even for writers…)

Say the word statistics and people have very different reactions. Scientists, social scientists, doctors and the like might get excited. Statistics can help us understand the world. Good statistics provide confidence and legitimacy for decisions, programs, and treatments. More artistic people sometimes have a different reaction. “Yawn,” says one of my more succinct friends when [...]

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In Defense of Fiction

It is widely known and well documented that third year medical students – future doctors thrown for the first time into daily patient care – are raw, awed, frustrated, exhilarated, confused, astonished, angry, eager and exhausted. Suddenly, they are members of teams of health professionals responsible for the ongoing care of sick patients. To help [...]

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